How to choose

As with everything in life, sometimes there are just too many choices.

If you don't know your Chemex from your espresso or your V60 from your Aeropress then let us help you out.

Despite being asked many times, none of our coffees are instant. If you pour hot water onto our coffee and expect it to dissolve, we are sorry to inform you it won't happen!

If you are new to filter coffee we would recommend getting yourself either an Aeropress or Cafetiere. Once you have this you can enjoy any of our filter coffees and select the appropriate grind size for what you have.

If you have your own grinder at home then you can buy all of our coffees as whole bean which will stay fresher for longer. 

If you have an Espresso machine then we recommend our Espresso coffees on the products page. 

There are a number of other brewing methods available, if you want any advice on what to get or what type of grind you need then please get in contact with us at