Little Fin Roastery.

£7.50 - £27.00


Image of BRAZILIAN 'EL FUMO' ESPRESSO - 200G, 500, 1KG

It's been a long time in lockdown so it's about time we introduced a new coffee to our growing range. We welcome to the club a cheeky little Brazilian number we have named 'El Fumo', taken from the literal translation of 'The Smoke' from it's Brazilian routes.

This is the same Brazilian bean that makes up 50% of out Chilero espresso and is what gives it the smokey hazelnut flavour you all know and love. It's hard to describe the tasting notes of a coffee, and when you get a nutty, smokey finish it doesn't quite do it justice, so you're going to have to trust us on this one, it's ace! This lovely little little bean is delicate in the roaster and needs a slow, low roast to get the best out of it. What comes out the other side is a flavour filled coffee that works well to both filter and espresso roast to suit all your coffee cravings.

Weight: 200g, 500g, 1KG
Origin: Brazilian
Washed: Yes
Tasting Notes: Smokey, Hazelnut