Wholesale Coffee Bean Supplier

We’re wholesale coffee bean suppliers based in Southend-On-Sea, Essex, best known for competitively priced, high-grade coffee. We won’t sign you into contracts, we don’t set strict minimum orders, and we offer discounted rates for our business customers. Send us a message and we can have a chat about the best coffee for your business needs, at the best prices. 

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Coffee Suppliers for Cafe's & Coffee Shops

We’re coffee suppliers for cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, salons, and offices - but it doesn’t stop there. We can also offer wholesale roasted coffee beans and supplies for venues and events like weddings, and we even have a custom-built coffee cart that is available for private and corporate hire. We have blends for everyone, from caramel sweetness, to roasted hazelnut notes, and super strong blends for people who want a bit more punch - whatever you require coffee for, we’re more than happy to help you out!

Nationwide Delivery

Our specialty coffee blends are freshly roasted on Mondays and Fridays, so you'll get your coffee as soon as it’s roasted and ready, to ensure the perfect freshness. Each bag is packed, sealed, and checked by us to make sure you get the highest quality. We can deliver personally locally, and we also ship across the UK. We know we’re not the only coffee supplier in the UK, however we are the best!

Not sure where to begin?

We can advise you on how to get the best out of your beans! From the best equipment to the correct temperatures to use, we’ll pass on our expert knowledge so you know that each cup of coffee you make will be perfect every time.

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Find out more

For wholesale enquiries our preferred contact is direct by call/whatsapp to 07879816920 or email littlefinroastery@outlook.com, alternatively you can use the contact page.