Espresso Machines

Indulge in Perfect Espresso with Our Range of Machines

Here at Little Fin Coffee, we understand the art of brewing the perfect cup of espresso. That's why we've teamed up with some of the best espresso machine and equipment suppliers in the UK, to enable you, as a barista, café owner or  even home coffee enthusiast alike, to unlock those rich flavours of our fantastic coffees.

Introducing Conti Espresso

Precision Engineering for Exquisite Taste
Crafted with precision engineering, Conti's range of espresso machines are second-to-none. Designed to deliver barista-quality espresso with every shot, with a superb build quality to stand the test of time in any café or restaurant.

From sleek and compact models for cosier workspaces, to the full-on professional grade and wow-factor friendly machines, suitable for any bustling or visually-pleasing café, there is a perfect fit for every setting within the Conti range.

Explore the range:


CC100 / Compact


Conti CC100

For those looking for a great machine on a lighter budget, the entry-level CC100 series machines are not to be overlooked. What it doesn't make up for in bells and whistles, it more than delivers in consistency and quality. For those who are tight on workspace too, they offer a compact version of the same machine.

Best suited for: Small locations, serving around 100 cups per day.

CC200 Series


A newer addition to the core Conti range is the CC200 series. Through the  natural evolution of the classic CC100 model, the CC202 has been fettled, modified and enhanced to offer exceptional mid range performance, value and striking aesthetic. Creating a beautiful, modern, modular look with outstanding performance.

Best suited for: Small - Medium volume locations, serving around 100 - 150 cups per day.

X-One Evo / TCI


Conti X-One

The benchmark mid-volume machine. Simple, sleek design using modern materials, intuitive controls and effective technology, the X-ONE Evo consistently surpasses expectations. With this machine, Conti have taken the model of the robust CC100 machine and 'supercharged' it to create a machine that will deliver a higher volume whilst maintaining performance under-pressure.

Best suited for: Medium volume locations, serving around 150 - 250 cups per day.

Monte Carlo

Conti Monte Carlo

A culmination of over 60 years of research and design, the Conti Monte Carlo combines good looks, endless power, and extreme precision. A high-end, multi-boiler machine that offers incredible technology as standard and superb wow-factor looks.

Best suited for: Larger volume locations, serving around 200 + cups per day

MC Ultima

Conti MC Ultima

The mothership has landed. With 'MC' being short for Monti Carlo, what Conti have done with the Ultima is taken an already incredible machine, and tweaked it to the next level. Adding a sharpened, more efficient design, enhanced ergonomics, more intuitive software and endless custom options. This is one machine not to be under estimated.

Best suited for: Larger volume locations, serving 250 + cups per day.

Conti Ace


Conti Ace

Perfect for the low-key pop-up or low-demand venue, this small, sleek, yet remarkably sophisticated machine will deliver perfection without compromise on space.

Best suited for: Smaller volume locations, serving 100 - 150 cups per day.



Compak grinders

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

With Compak's range of on-demand grinders coffee grinding never felt so good! Not only with you be delivering the freshest ground coffee in ever shot, you've got the speed and reliability to go with it.

Another advantage to going on-demand with your grinder, allows you to maximise workflow and efficiency with your team, and twin this with the more advanced equipment such as the grind-by-weight range or an auto-tamper will eliminate inconsistencies, and enable perfection in every shot.

Explore the range:

 Compak On-demand grinder

Compak E5

Good for smaller workspaces and as smaller volume use grinder, or as a secondary or decaf grinder for a cafe.

Compak E6

The bigger brother of the E5. The E6 sports a bigger motor and larger 64mm burr set to allow for a quieter, more precise grind. Ideal as an everyday grinder for a small to medium volume location.

Also available as a grind by dose option.

Compak E8

Bigger still to the E6! The E8 is ideal for any medium - high demanding coffee outlet, boasting and impressive 83mm burr set to allow more grinding with less effort.

Also available as a grind by dose option.

Compak Bolt

Cutting edge grinding technology! The Bolt is designed to satisfy the demands of coffee professionals, delivering two functional modes: Predose and Fresh. Giving flexibility to cafe's during busy and quieter service times.



Compak Cube - Automatic Tamper

Compak Cube

Complete your equipment setup with the Compak Cube auto tamper. Allowing not only workflow efficiency but also consistent tamping across the board, ensuring optimal extraction every time. Another advantage to the Cube is its small size, making it the ideal complement for coffee shops without compromising counter space.


Lease, Rent or Buy

When it comes to coffee, we can't stress the importance of having the right equipment in place, but can also appreciate that equipment is not cheap, so we've gone the extra mile here at Little Fin Coffee to put a range of options in place to help ensure our customers don't miss out.


Buying equipment outright is by far the cheaper option long term. As a partner to Conti & Compak, we work directly with them to ensure we can deliver the best prices we can offer to our customers. As a wholesale customer of Little Fin Coffee, we can also look to offer a further discount on our RRP prices!


We can appreciate that sometimes budgets are stretched, especially if you're just starting out in business, so we've teamed up with a third-party finance company to help break down that heavy burden for your business.

The relationship of the lease is directly between you and them, so unlike how some other coffee suppliers operate, there's no tie-in or minimum spend volume relating to Little Fin Coffee on this, allowing you the freedom to enjoy our coffee without any stress.


Not looking to buy? Then this one is for you! We've teamed up with an independent Conti-approved machine rental supplier to be able to offer our customers the ability to rent Conti equipment for their business. 

Much like the lease agreement, the rental relationship is between you and the supplier and doesn't have any tie-in or minimum spend with us as Little Fin Coffee.

Please get in touch to discuss the options and prices.